The idea behind the project

Living together with 7 billion people, you can not say, that you're only responsible for yourself! 

For mid 2014 we, Alexandra and I, are planing a trip around the world. Starting in Germany and traveling around 13 countries, we want to get to know inspiring people and cultures. On our journey we would like to participate in important projects, organized by global and local aid agencies. On ACT AND PROTECT we will list aid agencies and their projects around the world, separated in nature conservation and human rights. 


"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi


First step

Give you a summary about global and local aid agencies and organizations.
Describe their projects, their goals and how they want to achieve them.

Second step

Travel from one interesting project to another.
Report about our experiences made by working on-site.

Third step

Interacting with you.
Do you know interesting aid agencies, organizations or projects?
Are you working for an organization or on a project?
Looking for a project you can participate in?

Tell us about it - send us a mail to info[at]!
Networking - Connecting people with good ideas